Co-Working Space

  • Nekton Ofuna is conveniently located in the coastal shores of SHONAN, between
    the bustling city of Yokohama and the nature-rich Kamakura.

  • Having trouble with
    high-speed Wi-Fi or
    device power supply?

    [ Provided for all seats ]

    • ● High-Speed Wi-Fi
    • ● Spacious Desks
    • ● Built-in Sockets
    • ● Specially-Designed Chairs


  • Wi-Fi

    Both Wi-Fi frequencies of 5GHz and 2.4GHz available.

  • Charging Devices

    Each seat has built-in sockets for personal use. Charging cords available upon request at counter.

  • Snug Chairs
    Snug Chairs

    Multiple types of comfortable designer chairs for your selection.

  • Externally-purchased food and drinks allowed
    food and drinks

    Food and drinks bought outside the Nekton Ofuna establishment can be brought in. Microwaves also readily available.

  • Affordable and Quality Coffee
    Affordable and
    Quality Coffee

    Quality Nestle Coffee at an affordable price of 100 yen.

  • Printing and Scanning Documents
    Printing and
    Scanning Documents

    Special printers with binding function, able to create booklets. Available at 10 yen per monochrome print, and 30 yen per color print. Scanner is free of charge.

  • Meeting rooms
    Meeting rooms

    Wide selection of meeting rooms specially designed to host seminars and workshops. Room can be selected according to purpose and number of participants.
    (More information available on POP-UP SPACE in KAMAKURA)

  • Lend computer display
    Lend computer

    Computer displays are available for rent free of charge. The large screen will help you work more efficiently.


No subscription or membership required but available
(information available below)

Payment per visit

Service Plan Price (includes tax)
2 hours 500 yen
1 day 1,000 yen
Business Hours



Rental space / Rental meeting room

    • On the look out for
      a conference room?
    • The POP-UP SPACE on the 1/F and 3/F
      can be used for everything from internal
      team meetings and discussion with clients,
      to seminars.
      3 different rooms with different sizes
      and layouts are available. Please contact
      us freely if you have any enquiries.


A space within the city where diverse perspectives
meet and collaborate
Office space for rent. Conference room for rent
Seeking Clients

  • Gallery

    Meet sense-stimulating

    A modern gallery with high ceilings and big windows to catch attention and interest from passersby.

  • Studio

    Create artistic work in a
    naturally-lit studio

    Incorporate and use natural light for photoshoots and video filming.

  • Shop

    Transform space into a limited-
    edition store to connect with the
    local community

    Limited-edition stores can be launched per month or per season.

  • Event

    Blend both in-person and online
    means of communication and
    presentation to create a
    welcoming, productive space.

    Conference rooms can be used to connect online and offline attendees. Rooms also equipped to host live streams.

  • Workshop

    Hosts experiences that allow
    you to grow and learn from
    each other

    Rooms can be used as a cultural center to host anything from workshops to study groups.

  • School

    Ideal environment for classroom
    lectures and cultivation of
    practical skill.

    Not only are desks and chairs provided, but whiteboards and projectors are also available.

  • Meeting

    A convenient location for all
    things business-related

    From business discussions and negotiations with important clients, to internal meetings and workspaces for business employers and employees alike.

  • Remote Work

    Yet another workspace tailored
    to you

    High-speed Wi-Fi, built-in sockets all-around
    Suitable for both business work and educational learning.

Facilities available in all 3 rooms
(upon request when booking)

  • Heat exchange ventilation system

    Heat exchange
    ventilation system

  • Wi-Fi


  • Wired LAN

    Wired LAN

  • Projector


  • Whiteboard


  • 22-inch PC monitor

    22-inch PC monitor

  • Extension cords

    Extension cords


Choose according to your intended purpose
for the room and number of people

P141㎡Hosts 20〜24 people

Time limit Price (includes tax) ■ P1 Additional fee :
1 hour 4,000 yen
3 hours 8,000 yen
6 hours 14,000 yen
1 day 20,000 yen

■ P1 Additional fee :1 hour 4,000 yen

■ P1 facilitie
・ 2 Conference Tables(Each 1750-2600 x 950mm)
・ Stacking table (Each 1800 x 450mm) 4
・ Folding table/ medium (Each 1500 x 600mm) 2
・ Foldingta ble IS mall (Each 800 x8 00mm) 1
・ Armrestch airs 8
・ Stackable chairs 20
・ Wooden chair 10

P240㎡Hosts 20〜24 people

Time limit Price (includes tax) ■ P2 Additional fee :
1 hour 3,500 yen
3 hours 7,000 yen
6 hours 12,000 yen
1 day 18,000 yen

■ P2 Additional fee :1 hour 3,500 yen

■ P2 facilities
・ Stacking table (Each 1800 x 450mm) 10
・ 24 Chairs
・ Speaker podium
・ Panel mirror (standing/ moving type) 4

P330㎡Hosts 16〜20 people

Time limit Price (includes tax) ■ P3 Additional fee :
1 hour 3,000 yen
1 hours 3,000 yen
3 hours 6,000 yen
6 hours 10,000 yen
1 day 15,000 yen

■ P3 Additional fee :1 hour 3,000 yen

■ P3 facilities
・ Stacking table (Each 1500 x 600mm) 8
・ 19 Chairs
・ Speaker podium


To uphold COVID-19 Safety Precautions, and ensure the safety of all of our clients,
we must start cleaning within the last 5 minutes of the scheduled time.

Our Cancellation Policy
※Cancellation of any of the rooms booked can be carried out via call, email, or FAX.
However, our cancellation policy details that varying levels of cancellation fees will be
applied depending on the number of days we are notified in advance.
※Details of our cancellation fees are available below.
① Cancellation 14 ~ 8 days prior, will be charged 50% of the total fee.
② Cancellation 7 days ~ the day of, will be charged 100% of the total fee.
※Please put all desks and chairs back to the original set-up before your time ends.


Closest station is a terminal station to the shonan
and kamakura area [ofuna] station.
Good location because 5 min walk from JRofuna east exit
3 min walk from the Shonan monorail Ofuna station.

3 min walk from
ofuna station

Shonan No.5 Building 4F, 1-12-10 Ofuna, Kamakura City,
Kanagawa Prefecture
5min walk from JR ofuna station east exit
3min walk from Shonan Monorail ofuna station exit
Week days 8:30〜20:00
Weekends and holidays 8:30〜19:00
regular holiday / closed dates End and start of the year